Phytoform Labs Ltd – PIPS – CRISPR Research Internship – deadline: Tuesday 1st March 2022

Name Phytoform Labs Ltd
Placement base location Rothamsted Research – Harpenden, AL5 2JQ
Contact for enquiries Nicolas Kral
Contact details Email:
Telephone: 01582 297550
Placement job title PIPS – CRISPR Research Internship
Potential start date 1/3/2022 – 1/6/2022 (Flexible)
Potential working pattern

Daily work pattern: 9am to 5pm

Total hours per week: 35

FT/PT: Full time

Details of application method

Please email your CV to Nicolas Kral (

This will be followed up with a phone conversation.

Application closing date Tuesday 1st March 2022
Overview of PIPS organisation

Phytoform Labs is an award-winning venture backed start-up focused on making agriculture more sustainable. We are an R&D organisation focused on improving crop genetics, to offer benefits in climate change mitigation, reducing supply chain waste and other beneficial crop traits. The current crop programs are in tomato and potato. The company has developed a technology platform for speeding up the process of creating more diverse and future-proofed crops. The team brings together genome engineers, data scientists and agricultural specialists who are committed to minimising the damaging impact of agriculture on the environment.

We combine AI driven gene discovery together with rapid breeding with CRISPR technology to bring new varieties to market in a fraction of time and cost.

Placement offered

Evolution of thermostable Cas12a variant & CRISPR nuclease patent landscape study.

Phytoform Labs is looking for a motivated PhD Student for a laboratory and office (wfh) based PIPS placement of 3 months to work on the development of thermostable Cas12a CRISPR-nuclease variant as well as opportunity to learn about the state-of-the-art in CRISPR IP. The student will work in the wetlab with protein purification techniques and in vitro CRISPR assays and will also perform IP and freedom-to-operate searches under the guidance of the CTO and company’s IP attorneys. This is a great opportunity for a PhD student to experience application-driven industry research, get acquainted with biotech patents and see a start-up employment as a possible career option post-PhD.

This internship will be working with our internal R&D group focused on improving the CRISPR process in plants, by evolving a better functioning CRISPR enzyme. Part of the internship will be a thorough intellectual property and prior art search to understand CRISPR landscape and how will the results of the CRISPR R&D fit into it.

Financial contribution/benefit(s)
Phytoform can offer £500 monthly travel support. In addition throughout the internship the student will be considered as an employee of the company and will have access to the same resources as rest of the R&D team and same policies regarding expenses will apply.