CASE studentships

** Projects are now available for up to 3 fully-funded CASE studentships* commencing in September 2021 **

Application deadline: Midnight, Monday 14th June 2021

CASE studentships are PhD projects developed in collaboration with a CASE partner (organisations within the private, public or civil society sectors).  This will give you access to training, expertise and facilities beyond an academic setting and an applied/translational focus to your PhD.

You will also gain first hand experience of working within an industrial research setting, through undertaking a research placement with the CASE partner.  Further information about CASE studentships >>

Project title Main / Rothamsted supervisor CASE PARTNER Host institution Keywords
Determining the conformational dynamics of the immune regulator STING and their control by STING ligands (funding has now been approved) Dr Charlotte Dodson MSD (Merck Sharp Dohme) University of Bath Biophysics, Chemical biology, Protein dynamics, Single molecule, Innate immunity/Cancer
Investigating resistance to Barley yellow dwarf virus in wheat Prof Kim Hammond-Kosack RAGT Seeds UK Rothamsted Research Plant virology, entomology, plant science, genetics, molecular biology
In-silico target identification of the exposed invariant epitopes on the surface of African trypanosomes for the design and development of novel immunotherapeutics  Dr Paula MacGregor AstraZeneca University of Bristol Trypanosomes, Parasitology, Molecular biology, Molecular modelling, Peptides
Structure-based drug design against a biosecurity pathogen Prof Nicholas Harmer Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) University of Exeter (Streatham/St Luke’s) Structural biology, drug design, crystallography, enzymes, modelling
Understanding insecticide detoxification in key hoverfly pollinator guilds Dr Karl Wotton Bayer University of Exeter (Penryn) Pollinators, insecticides, agriculture, genomics
Using Microbial Networks To Quantify Transmission Dynamics of Bovine Tuberculosis Dr Xavier Harrison Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) University of Exeter (Penryn) Gut microbiome, disease transmission, zoonoses, epidemiology, pathogens