DRAFT – Selection process

Please note that the studentship selection process will take place in two stages:

Stage one

The project supervisors will consider your application and may invite you to visit for an informal interview. Due to the current pandemic, these may take place virtually.

You can apply for more than one project, although supervisors may take in to account your interest and commitment to their particular project. If you apply for multiple projects, please indicate your preferred project choice in your letter of application as part of your online application. Each application for an individual project will be considered separately by the project supervisors.

Stage two

After the application deadline, each supervisory team will then put forward two ranked nominations. A shortlist will be selected from these nominations and shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview at a DTP interview day.  We will endeavour to notify you a week before the respective interview days (listed below), on the success of your application, and shortlisted applicants will be provided with further information about the DTP interview day at this stage.  Please note that nomination by a project supervisor therefore does not guarantee the award of a studentship.  

DTP interview day

If you are successful and invited to interview, you must be available to attend the DTP interview day. 

  • Standard DTP Studentships with Associate Partner / CASE DTP Studentships – Interviews will be held at one of the partner institutions, with a selection panel composed of academics from across the partnership.

For the additional CASE studentships that are currently advertised, interviews will be held virtually on Thursday 8th July 2021.

  • Standard DTP Studentships – Interviews will be held at the institution where the studentship you applied to will be hosted, with a selection panel composed of academics within that institution.

For the selection process for external-funded (including self-funded) applicants, please refer to the external-funded applicants section on the website.

Interview criteria

Applications will be initially screened by the prospective supervisory team based on the following criteria: eligibility, academic performance, skills training, appropriateness for the project, prior research experience, and any other relevant information.

As part of the interview, applicants will be asked to make a short research presentation (instructions will be provided in advance). Candidates can expect to be questioned by the interview panel on their research presentation, their background research interests and experience, and future career plans. In addition to the interview, there will also be a task-based exercise to complete (instructions will be provided in advance).

Performance in the interview along with the task-based exercise, previous academic record, research experience and potential will all be used to select successful candidates.