SWBio DTP project call information

** Project call for studentships starting in Sept 2022 is now closed **

Project call will be launched again end of June/early July 2022, with a deadline of the beginning of September 2022, for studentships starting in 2023

Please submit your online project pro-forma by the advertised project call deadline.

There are 3 separate pools of studentships to which you can apply for studentships.  Supervisors can be listed as the main/Rothamsted/lead supervisor only once within each of these pools:

  • Standard studentships
  • Standard studentships with associate partners
  • CASE studentships

Please take the time to read the below very useful documents before starting your project pro-forma.

SWBio DTP information

CASE information

A summary of requirements from CASE partners can be found within the introduction of the online CASE project pro-forma.

Important dates (for studentships starting in Sept 2022)

Project call deadline Midday, Wednesday 8th September
Outcome of institutional project sifting September/October
Projects advertised Mid October
Application deadline Midnight, Monday 6th December
Supervisor nominations Midday, Monday 10th January
Outcome of Institutional interview shortlisting Middle/End of January
Interviews w/c 24th January-w/c 31st January


Communications from the SWBio DTP will be sent via the SWBio DTP mailing list. To sign up to this mailing list, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to the SWBIO-DTP mailing list: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=swbio-dtp
  2. Choose the ‘subscribe’ option and include your details
  3. Receive confirmation which will require you to click ‘OK confirmation’

Unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time by visiting the SWBIO-DTP mailing list: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=swbio-dtp

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Of note, if you include e-mail addresses of supervisors/collaborators that are within one of the SWBio DTP institutions as part of the online pro-forma, they will automatically be added to the SWBio DTP mailing list.  If you do not wish for these to be added to this mailing list, please e-mail swbio-dtp@bristol.ac.uk.