Bristol IT access policy

Last updated: 20th June 2023

The University of Bristol recently implemented necessary security changes requiring all non-Bristol owned Windows devices to be properly registered so that complies with their existing policies. This means that those that have not received a laptop from Bristol, it is possible that you may not be able to use your institutional laptop to access Blackboard (and other Bristol based platforms).

FIRST CHECK whether you can access Blackboard or another Bristol based platform (e.g. myERP) via your institutional laptop (this may still be possible!). IF NO, follow the instructions below.

  • If you have a personal device you can use this. Please configure this to connect to Bristol through the Company Portal and use this device in place of your institutional one.  Please follow these instructions:
  • If you do not have a personal device or want to use your institutional device, reach out to the IT Services Support Desk (email making sure you provide the details below (refer to ‘details to provide to IT’ section).

Only contact the IT team AFTER you have tried registering your device through the Company Portal. Please follow these instructions:

If you are unable to, please follow these details to identify which organisation is managing the device and also provide a screenshot:
Attaching a screenshot will help them to identify how your device is managed and which domain its linked to, and to be able to amend your access for that device.

IMPORTANT: To avoid configuration challenges and a potential security issue; if you are granted a policy exclusion it is critical you do not then also configure a personal device as well. This will have serious security ramifications and will actually lead to having any access revoked.

Details to provide to IT:
• Your name and Bristol account (in the format DO NOT include your password!
• That you are a SWBio PGR student
• Which institution has provided your laptop (e.g., Bath, Rothamsted…)
• Which year you are in
• Whether you are using a personal or institution issued device (e.g. I am using a Rothamsted laptop)
• AND ask for the ticket to be directed to “M365 for BYOD exclusion”
• Confirm that you have tried registering your device following these instructions:
• If you were unable to register your device successfully, check your device to see which organisation it is managed by and provide a screenshot:

Please note this is only being offered to users where the IT Services at Bristol can see that the institutional device is already tightly managed / secured. Students with Bristol managed laptops, access to Blackboard will continue to work.