Meet our students

To give you an insight into the diversity of our student cohorts, please find below some example student profiles of where students have studies previously and in which subject areas, as well as some examples of paths students have taken between finishing their undergraduate degree and starting with the SWBio DTP.

To meet all our students across the partnership, please do come and visit our current students webpage to view their student profiles.

Examples of where our students have undertaken their undergraduate degree and in which subject areas

  • Stephanie Tran University of Edinburgh, BSc Neuroscience

  • Erik Landin University of Cambridge, BA Natural Sciences

  • Claire Dumenil University of Amsterdam, MSc Chemical ecology

  • Jordan Hembrow University of Exeter, MPhy Physics

  • Travis Bacon University of Leeds, BSc Biomedical Sciences

  • Amy McLeman Bangor University, BSc Zoology + Conservation

  • Ed Cunnigham-Oakes
    Kings College London, BSc Pharmacology

  • Kathryn Shelley University of Oxford, MBiochem Biochemistry

Many of our students have come directly from their undergraduate degree to the DTP, but below are some examples of paths our students have taken between completing their undergraduate degree and starting with the SWBio DTP

  • Yoana Petrova Pharmacist/ government drug safety associate

  • Ben Bowen Motorcycle dealer

  • Emily Price
    MSc Molecular Neuroscience

  • Greg Hammond Optometrist

  • Alvin Szeto
    MRes Biosciences

  • Samantha Saunders

  • Connor Horton Research technician: University

  • Angela Neves Researcher: Research institute