International applicants

The student experience

To support your student experience within the DTP, we have a dedicated SWBio DTP International Student Representative.  This is in addition to socials, cultural events, networks and representation provided across our partner institutions, designed to connect international students and to ensure you get the most out of your PhD experience.

Further information can also be found on the relevant university website listed below.  These also include guidance and support for starting a PhD in the UK such as your PhD and VISA applications, funding, travelling to and starting at the university, accommodation and language support.  :

Below is some useful information to be aware of as an international student studying with the SWBio DTP.  More detailed information can be found in the university links above.

Documentation needed to study in the UK

If you will be considered as an international student, there is some documentation that you will need to complete ahead of starting with the DTP.  Below is an overview of these documents.

Further information about documentation needed to study in the UK, the process and who to contact with queries can be found on the university websites listed above.


Further information about UKRI fully-funded SWBio DTP studentships >> – also includes information for if you will be externally-funded to the SWBio DTP.

Note: A UKRI fully-funded studentship will only cover what is listed under the ‘UKRI-BBSRC funded studentship’ section.  However there may be other costs that you may encounter and need to take into consideration which will not be covered by the studentship or via the institution. For example, visa feeshealthcare surcharge, relocation costs and COVID-19 related quarantine costs.

Starting with the DTP

It is expected that all students start at the beginning of the programme in September in person, so please ensure you have considered the length of time it may take to obtain necessary documentation needed to study in the UK (CAS reference number, ATAS certificate, visa), as otherwise your offer of a studentship may be withdrawn.  Due to COVID-19, these wait times may be longer than normal.  An option to defer studies is not available.