UKRI-BBSRC funded studentship

A fully-funded four year SWBio DTP studentship will cover:

  • a stipend* (at the standard UKRI rate; £16,062 per annum for 2022-2023)
  • research and training costs
  • tuition fees **
  • additional funds to support fieldwork, conferences and a 3-month placement

A limited number (up to 30%) of UKRI fully-funded studentships are available through the SWBio DTP, that applicants who would be classed as an International student are eligible for.  Further information about residence criteria >>

* An enhanced stipend is available for students with a recognised veterinary degree qualification (£24,090 per annum for 2021-2022). There may also be enhanced stipends associated with projects that have a CASE partner (CASE projects are highlighted as *CASE in the project lists).

** International students will not be required to cover the difference between home and international tuition fees.

Further funding information

Your PhD stipend:

Your student status:

Considerations for international students

A UKRI fully-funded studentship will only cover what is listed under the ‘UKRI-BBSRC funded studentship’ section.  However there may be other costs that you may encounter and need to take into consideration which will not be covered by the studentship or via the institution. For example, visa fees, healthcare surcharge, relocation costs and COVID-19 related quarantine costs.

Funding information for external-funded applicants >>