The SWBio DTP is governed by the DTP Hub in collaboration with a number of groups across the partnership. The role and memberships of the DTP Hub and these different groups are listed below.


Governance structure of the SWBio DTP

As the University of Bristol is the lead organisation of the SWBio DTP, the SWBio DTP Hub is based at this university. The hub includes the:

  • Director: Prof Leo Brady
  • Academic Coordinator: Prof Leo Brady (Interim)
  • Hub Manager/Administrator: Dr Samantha Southern (contactable via
  • Central groups (local DTP representatives are part of these groups):

    The SWBio DTP Management Group is chaired by the Director and has representatives from each of the partners. The Management Group is responsible for strategic and operational oversight of the programme.

    University/Research Organisation
    Director (Chair) Prof Leo Brady
    Bristol Prof Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel
    Bath Prof Robert Kelsh
    Cardiff Prof Robert Honey
    Exeter Dr James Wakefield
    Rothamsted Research Dr Laura Cardenas

    The SWBio DTP Implementation Group is made up members from all five SWBio DTP partners and chaired by the Academic Coordinator. The main responsibility of the group is to implement the programme which includes delivering training and cohort building activities.

    University/Research Organisation
    Academic Coordinator (Chair) Prof Leo Brady (Interim)
    Bath Dr Chris Bailey
    Bristol Dr Jill Harrison
    Cardiff Prof Helen White-Cooper
    Exeter Dr Steve Bates
    Rothamsted Research Dr Lianhai Wu

    The SWBio DTP Operational Group is made up members from all five SWBio DTP partners and chaired by the Hub Manager. The main responsibility of the group is to support the management and co-ordination of the programme.

    University/Research Organisation
    Hub Manager (Chair) Dr Samantha Southern
    Bath Simon Gane
    Bristol Jess McCallum
    Cardiff Amanda Rouse
    Exeter Elizabeth Noon/Christine Gifford (
    Rothamsted Research Donna Fellowes

    Other groups:

    The External Advisory Group is chaired by Dr Mike Hann and has both academic and industrial representatives. The External Advisory Group provides reflective input and advice to the Management Group to contribute to the strategic development of the DTP.

    GlaxoSmithKline (Chair) Dr Mike Hann
    UCB Dr Tom Crabbe
    Micromix Chris Gamble
    Newcastle University Prof Robert Edwards
    University of Oxford Prof Gail Preston

    The role of the Research Theme Champions are to build cross-institutional cross-year group networks and to create and identify training opportunities around three research themes.

    Research theme University/Research Organisation
    Agriculture and the Environment Dr Dan Bebber Exeter
    Animal Behaviour and In Vivo Studies Dr Nadia Cerminara Bristol
    Biomolecular and Biophysical Studies Dr Chris Pudney Bath

    The role of the PIPS Management Team is to provide oversight of the Professional Internships for PhD Students scheme.

    University/Research Organisation  
    PIPS Director Amanda Harper
    PIPS Officer Dawn Hallett
    Bristol Prof Leo Brady (interim)
    Cardiff Prof Rob Honey

    CLES PGR Support Team

    Rothamsted Donna Fellowes