You will undertake an internship during your second or third year. This will be a full-time three month internship or a part-time equivalent.

PIPS will give you as a student the opportunity to work within a professional non-research related area.  Your internship will allow you to see first-hand how a particular employment sector functions and what skills you as an employee have or would need to develop to thrive in such an environment.

As a researcher, you will gain many transferable skills and it is important to put these into context. Undertaking an internship will allow you to see how you can use these skills in the working world and use them to boost your employability.

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Current PIPS opportunities

This PIPS blog provides details of current PIPS internships.  Please check this regularly to see what is on offer.

Annual PIPS conference

A conference is held each year to help students with organising their internships.

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