Cohort activities

Throughout the programme there are a number of training activities for students to undertake, otherwise known as ‘cohort activities’.  These activities bring all students together from across the partnership and provide excellent opportunities for networking, peer-to-peer learning and sharing of knowledge.  These events are mainly held at venues within the DTP institutions/cities but may also involve visits to other places across the UK.

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These activities will take place during key points of the year and may include events such as the following:

Annual Student Conference

This conference provides an opportunity to see the PhD research taking place across the DTP, broadening your research training. It usually also provides specific training sessions for your year group. At this conference, students will have the opportunity to present their own research in the form of either a poster or an oral presentation.

Annual PIPS Conference

The aim of this conference is to introduce you to PIPS, offer career workshops and to gain an insight into the internships that other SWBio DTP students have undertaken.  Following their internships, students tell their fellow students about their experiences to help in finding potential internships or career opportunities.

Research Theme Activities

As part of the DTP, there are three research themes which encompass the World-class Underpinning Bioscience and Agriculture & Food Security BBSRC research areas. These are as follows:

  • Agriculture and the Environment
  • Animal Behaviour and In Vivo Studies
  • Biomolecular and Biophysical Studies

For each theme there will be an academic Research Theme Champion who will organise theme specific activities including an annual research theme event. This is to promote networking opportunities between those undertaking research in similar areas and to expose you to current methods and challenges within these areas.

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Student-led Away Day

This is a student-only event that is organised by the SWBio DTP Student Representatives.  The theme of this event is team-building and collaboration.