CASE studentships

CASE (formerly known as ‘Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering’) studentships have an affiliated CASE partner.  This partner will be part of a company/organisation within either the private, public or civil society sectors.

CASE students will be required to undertake a placement with the CASE partner which will be for a minimum of 3 months and can take place at any stage during the PhD.  This placement will be directly related to the PhD project.  The purpose of the placement is to:

  • provide access to training, facilities and and expertise not available in an academic setting.
  • give the opportunity to benefit from a diversity of approaches with an an applied/translational dimension.
  • develop a range of valuable skills to significantly enhance your employability.

The supervisor for the CASE placement is listed as the non-academic supervisor in the project details. Of note, some CASE projects may also come with an enhanced stipend. For further information about the CASE studentship, please contact the listed main/Rothamsted supervisor.

These studentships are fully aligned with the SWBio DTP programme so CASE students will be required to undertake the taught first year and annual DTP cohort activities. However, as CASE studentships include a placement with the CASE partner, undertaking an internship as part of the Professional Internships for PhD Studies (PIPS) scheme is optional.