Project adjustments, part-time study and flexible working

To enable greater access to a PhD, we will work with you to take into consideration reasonable project adaptations (for example to support caring responsibilities, disabilities, other significant personal circumstances) as well as flexible working and part‐time study requests. All our supervisors support us with this, so please feel comfortable in discussing further with the listed project supervisor to see what is feasible.

So we are able to best support you, please do discuss prior to submitting an application.  We understand that everyone is individual and also that research projects will differ in their flexibility.  Of note, it is important that arrangements are realistic so as not to put undue pressure on you during your studies.

Part-time study

The minimum level that part-time study is available is at 50% FTE (full-time equivalent).;  with variations between 50-100% depending on the project and institution.  Also for some projects, the majority of the time may be offered at part-time but there may be short periods of full-time study needed for research purposes (for example, when undertaking fieldwork). Most importantly do discuss with the listed project supervisor what is possible with the project and available through the institution.  Of note:

  • for any projects that can only be offered as full-time, this information will be listed at the bottom of the individual project advert.
  • due to the funding of CASE projects, some CASE studentships may only be available for full-time study only.

We also ask that the project supervisor liaises with us as the DTP Hub to ensure the taught year and training programme can accommodate your request.

Due to complexities and restrictions associated with visas for part-time studies, we are currently unable to accept part-time international students to the programme.

Flexible working

Each institution will have their own policies on flexible working.  Please speak with the listed project supervisor for further information.