Prospective academic supervisors

The SWBio DTP is a BBSRC-funded structured PhD bioscience training programme, with students required to complete a taught first year, a PIPS/CASE placement (depending on type of studentship) and attend DTP cohort activities.  Training is supported by a multi-institutional partnership based mainly across the South West and Wales, including 6 universities, 3 research institutes and an industry partner.

Further information about the BBSRC-funded SWBio DTP >>

PhD Studentships

There are 3 types of PhD studentships with the DTP:

  1. Standard Studentships
  2. Standard Studentships with Associate Partner – projects designed in collaboration between our core and associate partners.
  3. CASE Studentships – projects designed in collaboration with a CASE partner.  

Overview of the requirements for each studentship type >>

Studentships are fully-funded for 4 years (stipend and tuition fees) and includes a £16k Research Training and Support Grant (RTSG) and a £1,920 fieldwork budget (to support fieldwork/conferences/PIPS placement).

Please note:

  • you may only submit one project on which you are listed as the main supervisor through each type of studentship route.
  • you may be nominated as a second supervisor on more than one project. However, the SWBio DTP considers it usually unrealistic for a supervisor to be proactively and substantially engaged in multiple projects, and this may detract in the consideration of a project.

For further information about designing a project/the project process, please contact your institutional Management or Implementation Group member for advice or alternatively the DTP Hub.  Contact Information >>

CASE studentship requirements:

Mandatory financial contributions to CASE studentships
Companies <50 Employees Companies >51 Employees (including employees in parent companies or subsidiaries)
Placement Expenses Yes Yes
Academic Contribution (to support the project costs at the academic partner) No Yes (at least £1400/annum – £5,600 over the 4 years)
Studentship Stipend No No (but encouraged)

Regardless of the size of the company, the non-academic partner must always meet all the costs incurred by the student during their placement at the organisation, including project-related consumables, as well as travel and accommodation. Note: If the non-academic partner is a public funded body, or charitable organisation the financial contribution can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All students spend a minimum of 3 months on a placement with the non-academic partner. This 3 month period can be at any point during the studentship (subject to the timetable of the taught component in the first year) and may consist of a number of shorter visits if appropriate. The BBSRC encourages placements of longer duration but up to a maximum of 18 months.

Further BBSRC guidance for CASE studentships:

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Key dates

Project call opens July – early September
Projects advertised Mid October – Beginning of December
Supervisor nominations December – Beginning of January
Interview days End of January/early February

DTP mailing list

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