Funding information for external-funded applicants

External-funded students, including self-funded and those supported by studentships from outside of our funding programme, will need to provide funding to cover their fees, research costs (bench fees) and an adequate level of stipend support for living expenses for a four-year funded studentship. These costs are expected to be provided each year for a total of four years.  These are as follows:

  • Annual living costs (stipend): Guidance on expected living costs are provided on each institution’s website (links below)
  • Annual tuition fees: dependent on the institution
  • Annual research costs (bench fees): £5,000
  • Additional costs*: £1,920

*Additional costs are a one-off payment and are provided for DTP studentships to cover costs associated with undertaking a placement (optional for external-funded students), and to support fieldwork/conference costs.

Where these costs are being provided by a sponsor suitable documentation confirming the arrangement will be required. Confirmation of funding will be required prior to 1st August.

Funding support available

Institutional scholarship schemes

These are available across the partnership:

Postgraduate Doctoral Loan scheme

The UK Government offer a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan to help support course fees and living costs whilst studying for a PhD.  Of note, postgraduate loans may also be available through the country you currently reside in.  Further information and eligibility >>

Living costs

UKVI also provides guidance for a VISA application on the financial position you need to evidence to be able to support yourself in the UK.  Further information >>