CASE letter of support

Below is what must be included in the CASE letter of support that is to submitted alongside a CASE project pro-forma.

Note: SWBio DTP studentships are 4 years in length.

  • The length of the placement

This needs to be between 3-18 months.  The placement can occur at any time of the studentship and can be accrued through a number of shorter placements.

  • Academic cash contribution

Where applicable but must meet the BBSRC requirements*.  The academic contribution will be received by the hosting institution and used to support the student’s research.  It is not to be used to support any enhanced stipend.

* Organisations who have >50 employees (including employees in parent companies or subsidiaries), the mandatory requirement for financial contribution is an annual cash contribution to the academic partner of at least £1400 per annum.

  • Agreement to fund all costs related to the placement (including travel and accommodation).

The CASE partner must always meet all the costs incurred by the student during their placement at the organisation, including project-related consumables, as well as travel and accommodation.

  • Any enhancement to the stipend

This is optional and at the CASE partner’s discretion.

  • In-kind contributions

Any in-kind contributions to the academic partner or studentship.

  • Ensure the same information is captured to what is included in the CASE project pro-forma

Academic/in-kind contributions, enhanced stipends, placement costs are all captured in the project pro-forma so please ensure these figures match between the two documents.

  • Confirm that meet the BBSRC eligibility criteria to be a CASE partner

Please refer to the BBSRC CASE studentships: Frequently asked questions >>

  • Signed by the CASE organisation

If signed by the CASE supervisor, please ensure they have the authority to sign on behalf of their organisation for their CASE contributions.

Once you have submitted your CASE project pro-forma, please send the signed letter of support to

If a CASE project successfully receives a studentship, it is expected that the SWBio DTP CASE Studentship Agreement is used and needs to be initiated by the main supervisor (or academic supervisor for Rothamsted based studentships).

Overview of the SWBio DTP CASE Studentship Agreement >>