Student representatives

What are student representatives for?

The SWBio DTP Student Representatives are the voice of the SWBio DTP students across the partnership. Their role is to feedback ideas, issues and concerns on behalf of the students to the host institution, and the partnership.

What are the main roles?

The main roles of the student representatives are:

  • To seek out feedback, ideas and any arising issues from their student colleagues.
  • To represent the SWBio DTP student community at the SWBio DTP Implementation Group and External Advisory Group.
  • To inform you of the outcomes of these meetings.

What sort of things can I approach the student representatives about?

You can approach the Student Reps with your views about any aspect of your programme. However, if you are a first year student and it is in relation to your taught first year, please contact the taught year representative.

The student representatives are not expected to deal with personal issues, formal procedures such as appeals, complaints or hearings, or welfare issues such as accommodation, health, employment and finance.  You will need to contact the relevant people within your institution to help you with these queries. Your Student Rep may be able to point you in the direction of these services.

Who are the student representatives at my institution?

Taught year
Sam Haque

Rebecca Annells

Alex Willcox

Cristina Fernandez Garcia

Matt Scurlock

Mollie Langdon