SWBio DTP expectations of supervisors

You (as the main/Rothamsted supervisor) and your supervisory team agree to:

Note: The PIPS internship is optional if the PhD project has an affiliated CASE partner.

  • ensure that the rotation projects and any other training/fieldwork do not interfere with attendance at the taught units or assessments during your student’s taught first year.
  • mark rotation project reports (and any other assessments as requested* from time to time) from across the partnership as part of the taught first year.
  • assist in teaching (if requested*).
  • allow and encourage your student to attend DTP cohort activities and ensure that research and other training/fieldwork activities do not interfere with these.
  • ensure your student submits their thesis within 4 years.
  • ensure that the PhD project remains within BBSRC remit.
  • alert and discuss with your local Management/Implementation Group representative if any of the following occur:
    • significant change in project direction
    • intended change in main/second supervisor (or Rothamsted/academic supervisor respectively)
    • change in mode of study of your student
    • introduction/loss of a CASE partner
    • progression issues

Note: Change in supervisors/project direction and introduction of a CASE partner will need to be approved by the Management Group.  Further information can be found on the SWBio DTP website including the relevant forms to complete.   

  • For PhD projects that have an affiliated CASE partner:
    • ensure that your student undertakes their placement with the CASE partner (3 months minimum-18 months maximum).
    • ensure that a SWBio DTP CASE studentship agreement is set up between the relevant parties.
    • ensure your student has completed their BBSRC CASE report following their CASE placement (your student needs to contact CASE@bbsrc.ac.uk to obtain their report).

* Requests made will be reasonable.

Importantly, studentship funding cannot be transferred out of SWBio DTP partner institutions and therefore the student is expected to be mainly based at the respective partner institution for the duration of their PhD.  Research placements are acceptable where these benefit the programme of research and have a clearly measurable potential outcome, but would normally expected to be of short duration.  Students must still fully engage with the programme during this period.


It is the responsibility of the main/Rothamsted supervisor to cascade this document and other relevant SWBio DTP communications to the rest of the supervisory team.

This is the current version of the ‘SWBio DTP Expectations of Supervisors’ and supersedes all other versions.  This document will be reviewed annually in January.