Data sharing

You will be aware that the doctoral training programme you are undertaking may include collaboration between the University of Bristol, other universities, research organisations and other partners (including the BBSRC). As a result the SWBio DTP Hub (University of Bristol) may need to share information about you, which may include personal data with those partners.

Your personal data is processed in accordance with the current Data Protection Act. The University of Bristol will remain a data controller for the personal data it holds, and other universities, research organisations and/or partners may also become data controllers for the relevant personal data they receive as a result of their participation with the collaborative programme of doctoral training. The processing and storage of your personal data may occur outside of the EEA.

Further information can be found on your registered University’s data protection webpages. If you have any queries or concerns about the use of your personal data during your time as a student, please contact your local data protection team.

Further information about how BBSRC may share your data can be found in the UKRI Data Protection Policy and the BBSRC Data Sharing Policy.