What to expect as a CASE supervisor


  • A SWBio DTP CASE studentship agreement will be initiated by the registered university in advance of the studentship starting.  Overview of the agreement >>

During the placement

  • The student will receive a visit from their PhD supervisor during the placement.  This would normally take place halfway through your placement.  However, if your placement is > 6 months, we recommend that these placement visits take place every 3 months.  As part of this the PhD supervisor will meet with the listed CASE supervisor briefly to see how the placement is progressing, suggestions for improvements and for student welfare support.  The student is responsible in arranging this visit at a time that is mutually convenient for both the CASE and PhD supervisors.
  • The student will still be undertaking their SWBio DTP training programme during their CASE placement and as such may need to attend some DTP training events.  We ask that these are taking into consideration and to allow for the student to attend.
  • If there are any issues during the placement, please do contact the PhD supervisor as soon as possible, or alternatively the local DTP Implementation Group representative or us as the SWBio DTP Hub.

After the placement

Students will be required to complete a BBSRC and SWBio DTP CASE report, and present their experience at our Annual Student Careers Conference.  An example of the reports can be found on our placement forms webpage.

Please contact the SWBio DTP Hub (swbio-dtp@bristol.ac.uk) if you have any queries or for further information.