Below is some information about how you as a supervisor will be involved as part of your student’s PIPS placement.  Finding a PIPS is a student-led process (to provide them with the experience for when navigating their future careers), but often many students may seek advice from their supervisors in addition to support provided through the DTP and local Career Services.

Placement description

  • Students are required to complete a placement description (please refer ‘before you go on placement‘ section) for their potential PIPS placement.  This needs to be approved by the main supervisor and PIPS supervisor, before being formally approved by the SWBio DTP and the student’s registered university Implementation Group Representative.
  • Following this, a legal agreement will be issued by the student’s registered university.  Depending on the university, as a supervisor you may also be required to sign this legal agreement.


  • Each student will remain registered as a student throughout their placement, therefore, it is expected that you both remain in contact throughout the placement.
  • The SWBio DTP Hub will also be in monthly contact with the student, to see how they are getting on and to remind them of some important tasks that need to be completed, for example, the supervisor visit and SWBio DTP PIPS report.

Supervisor visit

  • During the placement, a visit with your student is expected (an ideal time would be half-way through). This is an informal visit with the primary aim of monitoring your student’s progress and welfare. Your student will be responsible for arranging the visit with their PIPS organisation.  Please note that there are no DTP funds available to support travel for a supervisor visit.
  • A visitor’s report form will need to be completed – there are some sections you may need to complete ahead of the visit. If the placement is not geographically close, this meeting can take place virtually. If you as the main supervisor are unable to attend the visit then it is the responsibility of the second supervisor.  Please return your completed form within 2 weeks of the visit to the SWBio DTP Hub:

Please contact the SWBio DTP Hub for further information or any questions about supporting a PIPS student: