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Current Second Years

Ellie Murphy

Standard studentship with associate partner: In collaboration with Bristol + Marine Biological Association (MBA)

Ellie graduated from the University of Bristol in 2020 with a BSc in Biology. In 2019, she carried out a summer placement in Dr Andy Bailey’s lab, extracting and sequencing Trichoderma DNA to facilitate species identification. Her final year project was carried out in Prof Alistair Hetherington’s lab, investigating the involvement of ABA in dark-induced stomatal closure.

Ellie is excited to pursue the field of cell signalling. Her PhD project supervised by Prof Alistair Hetherington and Dr Glen Wheeler involves use of the Mesolens microscope at the Marine Biological Association to investigate how calcium signalling in stomatal guard cells is coordinated across a leaf, and the spatial coordination of stress responses in diatom populations.

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