Animal Behaviour and In Vivo Studies


This theme encompasses:

  • all aspects of learning and behaviour, from neurobiology function through to higher brain decision making. It could also encompass sensory biology, from perception of signal through to response and include plant/microbial perception and response pathways where appropriate.
  • whole animal systems as research models, looking at development, physiology and function. It also includes ethical considerations and procedural aspects. The key is the whole animal as the starting point of the investigations and includes model systems such as zebra fish and mouse.

Research Theme Champion

Dr Nadia Cerminara

Their research: My overall research interest has been to understand the neural mechanisms that underlie the role of the control of movement. This includes the role of the cerebellum, motor cortex and basal ganglia. Using an in vivo systems level approach, a key aim of my work is to determine the sensorimotor information processing that occurs in motor circuits during the performance of both well-rehearsed movements and during motor learning/adaptation.