Biomolecular and Biophysical Studies


This theme encompasses:

  • most cellular and subcellular biology including microbiological systems and all aspects of gene function, protein structure, cytoskeleton & membrane systems and cellular transport. This theme also includes much of the synthetic biology area.

Research Theme Champion

Dr Chris Pudney

Their research: The relationship between the structure of a protein and its function is vital to understanding how molecules give rise to biological effects. However, there is an emerging realisation that it is the flexibility and dynamics of proteins that in many cases drives their functional activity. Understanding this relationship is the next step in our understanding of basic life processes. The scientific approach we take is to apply a broad range of high-level biophysical techniques, giving detailed quantitative information that provides novel insight. We use this insight to develop new biotechnology, particularly for stabilising commercially important proteins such as enzymes and therapeutic antibodies.

Examples of past research theme events

  • Cross-disciplinary Summer School - focusing on contemporary biochemical and biophysical techniques and approaches (in collaboration with EPSRC PhD students)
  • Translational research workshop - for students to explore how their research can be translated into tackling biomedical questions
  • Microbrewery visit - to look at industrial fermentation and to generate ideas for tackling grand challenges that industry may face