Internship with the Society of Biology

Anna Tiley is currently on a placement at the Society of Biology in London. Below is her account so far.

One of the unique aspects of doing a SWDTP PhD is the opportunity to do a 3 months placement in a non-lab setting. I am now in the fourth week of my placement at the Society of Biology in London where I am working with both the Policy and Communications teams.

So far this has been a very enjoyable experience from which I have gained a fascinating insight into what it is like to work in a Biology-related organisation. During the first week I helped with the organisation and photography on this years UK PlantSci 2014 conference in York.

Since then I have had blog articles posted on both the UK PlantSci and The Society of Biology websites. I have written press releases and started my main project on GM policy. I am looking forward to the rest of the internship from which I know I will gain a lot of invaluable experience and skills.

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