Jeremy Froidevaux wins best student presentation award

The National Bat Conference – which is organized by the Bat Conservation Trust – is a national event for British bat workers and volunteers. This year the conference was held at the University of York and took place the first weekend of September. More than 300 people attended the conference! Besides the wide range of topics addressed during the conference, experts in the field ran workshops to provide insights to the latest tools/technologies for studying bats.

I had the great opportunity to communicate my research to a wide audience on the Sunday morning. My talk was about investigating the recent population recovery of one of the rarest bat in the UK: the greater horseshoe bat. Overall, I received great feedbacks about my research and made lots of professional (and non-professional) contacts. I am looking forward to the next one, which will be in 2018.

Written by Jeremy Froidevaux, SWBio DTP student

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