Jeremy Froidevaux wins Vincent Weir Scientific Award

Jeremy Froidevaux (current final year student, University of Bristol) has been awarded this year’s Vincent Weir Scientific Award for his contribution to bat research.

This annual award  is given by the Bat Conservation Trust to a postgraduate student who has accomplished an important piece of research that will contribute to bat conservation.  Jeremy’s research that he is recognised for includes a number of publications:

This demonstrated the importance of canopy gaps for foraging bats, and highlighted how novel imaging methods (LiDAR) can be used to quantify bat habitats in ways hitherto impossible.

Analysed NBMP data to determine mechanisms driving recent population increases in greater horseshoe bats. It was discovered that climate warming was an important driver, and that the extent of land under agri-environments schemes did not correlate with rates of population change. 

  • Does organic farming enhance biodiversity in Mediterranean vineyards? A case study with bats and arachnids by J.S.P. Froidevaux, B. Louboutin and  G. Jones in Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment
  • Congratulations Jeremy!