Article by Rebecca Annells about nation-scale systems change to tackle crises of food waste, poverty and diet-related ill-health

The Mint Magazine is all about opening up economics education, research and application to a broader range of perspectives, including the intersections of science, economics and systems change. In its latest issue about the Care Economy this “Away from the valleys of dearth” article explores how Wales gives the world a guiding light out of diet-related poor health. The article describes the work of the Wales Transition Lab (an initiative of North Star Transition, where I recently completed my PIPS placement) to scale up community-based innovation to create nation-scale impact. For example, moving from tackling food poverty and waste one school community at a time, to transforming NHS food procurement to a local, sustainable and health-focussed model.

Rebecca Annells, SWBio DTP student

Article: Away from the valleys of dearth by Rebecca Annells and Victoria Topham in The Mint Magazine