Akshita Jindal and Niharika Singh create neuroscience newsletter The Neuroexplorists

SWBio DTP students Akshita Jindal (University of Exeter) and Niharika Singh (Cardiff University) are pleased to announce an exciting new project: The Neuroexplorists. Here, they tell us a bit more about their vision for the newsletter and how you can get involved.

Niharika Singh

Akshita Jindal

As we embarked on our first-year journey as PhD students in interdisciplinary research, we faced the challenge of finding peers with similar research interests. Knowing the importance of collaborations in academia motivated us to create a platform that brings together aspiring scientists at the interface of neuroscience sub-disciplines.

The Neuroexplorists is a student-led neuroscience newsletter dedicated to fostering a vibrant community where PhD students like you and me, working on pioneering research, can connect and share experiences. Whether you’re exploring neural networks, novel computational models, neurogenesis, circadian rhythms, brain tumours, or any other topics to unlock the brain’s mysteries, we welcome you to join!

Our vision

  1. Building a Collaborative Network
  2. Facilitating Knowledge Exchange
  3. Cultivating a Supportive Community
  4. Encouraging Interdisciplinary Exploration
  5. Promoting professional Development
  6. Embracing Ethical and Responsible Research
  7. Fostering Mentorship Opportunities
  8. Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

Our approach

Considering the demands of a PhD journey, this newsletter is designed to be accommodating and accessible. Our monthly editions released on LinkedIn will cover various sub-disciplines, providing a space for you to track your progress throughout your PhD and learn from others’ experiences.

By collaborating with peers who share your passion, you’ll find invaluable support, feedback, and insights that can significantly enrich your research endeavours. Whether you envision a future in academia or industry, our goal is to empower you with the tools, connections, and knowledge to excel in your chosen path.

Our impact

Our impact is to gain recognition from charities, industries, clinicians, and wider academic groups to help make the world a little smaller, fostering easy knowledge sharing and global collaborations. We promote Open Science Practices, advocating transparency, and accessibility, to inspire wider academic groups to adopt similar principles, leading to accelerated research progress.

We are starting as a group of neuroscientists from various UK universities, including University of Exeter, Cardiff University, University of Bristol, and University of Plymouth. As ambassadors of our newsletter, we embody the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing that underpins our vision. As we continue to grow, we are also looking for representatives from other universities to volunteer in our mission and amplify the impact of the newsletter.

That being said, let’s embark on this journey together, united by our passion for pushing the boundaries of neuroscience through interdisciplinary innovation and transform ideas into impactful discoveries!

Feel free to reach out to us:

Akshita Jindal, aj609@exeter.ac.uk, Founder

Niharika Singh, singhn27@cardiff.ac.uk, Advisor