Institutional cohort events

We are aware that many of you will have a cross-DTP supervisory team and collaborators, and as such may spend periods of time at different DTP institutions.  To help you connect with the cohort at these institutions, we have included a list of institutional activities that we are aware of that are planned.

You can also make contact with other DTP students or the Student Representative who are based at the institution you are visiting.  They will be a great source of knowledge of what local DTP/institutional events that are going on that you could get involved with.  They also can let you know about any local DTP student social media groups (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook) that you can join.

Please note: this information is provided by the institution to us.  If you have any further questions, please contact the listed contact person provided below.

Institution Type of event Date Location Contact details (i.e. for further information/confirm attending) or registration details
Bath TBC
Bristol DTP student induction event (new DTP intake only) 11-12, 28th Sept C42, Bristol
Cardiff DTP student induction event (new DTP intake only) 10th Oct Cardiff
Exeter DTP student induction event (new DTP intake only) 1-2, 11th Oct Virtual (as students based across campuses) Join Zoom meeting >> Steve Porter (

Introduction to Rothamsted (all new PGR students)

Cohort building event (all new PGR students)

9.30-4.30, 19th Oct

9.30-4.30, 25th Oct

Rothamsted (Harpenden)

Individual visits around Rothamsted may also be able to be arranged.

Swansea TBC
UWE Welcome event (all new PGR students) 11-4pm, 3rd Oct UWE (Frenchay) Register >>