Student-led cohort training fund

The SWBio DTP has funding available as part of DTP3 to support student-led cohort training across the DTP (whether this would be a small or large cohort).  Below are some examples to inspire you.  Any ideas, please do contact the DTP Hub and we will help you to make these a reality!

For inspiration

Student collaboration event

  • Seminar series
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Public engagement
  • Widening participation and outreach
  • Networks
  • Conferences

For some examples of student-led activities that have taken place, you can see what has happened across the GW4.


Exhibition stall at Green Man Festival

  • Must be used to support the training of SWBio DTP students directly (whether this be a large or small cohort).
  • Cannot be used to support individual student training activities.
  • To have at least one SWBio DTP student lead applicant but we do encourage student collaborations within the DTP when leading these activities.
  • We do allow for collaborations e.g. with other DTPs/CDTs (within your institutions/across the UK) but do discuss with us further as normally a funding contribution will need to be provided by the other DTP/CDT.
  • You will need a listed academic advisor to help support you in designing the activity.
  • You will need support from your supervisor that you have the time capacity to deliver this.
  • Fees and salary costs for academic/student/collaborators time cannot be included. The exception is where a professional facilitator is being requested.
  • Anywhere between £50-£1000 is available per application (justification of costs to be included in proposal).
  • There is no limit on the number of times you apply, but priority may be given to new applicants if needed.
  • You can apply for further funds to support a successful activity, but priority may be given to new applications if needed.
  • Suggest you gain approval at least 3 months before the activity is due to take place to ensure you have enough time to prepare.

  • Application form

    We do ask that you speak with the DTP Hub ( before starting your application for initial feedback/guidance on your ideas

    Application form >>

    Please return your completed form to the DTP Hub.

    Application deadline

    There will be a rolling call every 3 months; end of November, February, May, August.

    However, please contact the DTP Hub to discuss further if you have a time-sensitive proposed activity.