éclateral Ltd – Research Associate (assay development) – Ongoing


Name éclateral Ltd
Placement base location Future Space, North Gate, Filton Rd, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8RB
Website www.eclateral.com
Contact for enquiries Dr Uroš Zupančič
Contact details

Email: Uros.Zupancic@eclateral.com 

Phone: 07462037418

Placement job title Research associate (assay development)
Potential start date Flexible
Potential working pattern Total hours per week: 35
Full-time, flexible working schedule
Details of application method Please provide CV and covering letter to Dr Uroš Zupančič
Application closing date Ongoing
Overview of PIPS organisation
We are a young science-driven organisation made up of bio-medical scientists, biologists, chemists and electronic engineers who are passionate about improving personal health management. Our patented éclateral technology combines electrochemical measurement techniques with lateral flow assays and delivers a technology capable of quantifying lateral flow test results, improving the accuracy, privacy and security of lateral flow tests.
This placement will take part in éclateral’s Research and development department, with focus on development of novel detection strategies for a 2nd generation of éclateral electrochemical lateral flow tests.
Placement offered

In this project, you will join éclateral Research and development department, which is currently working on a 1st generation assay architecture, that is aimed to support the initial product launch. In parallel, a second-generation assay chemistry is being explored, with the aim of improving the assay performance mainly focusing on improvements in sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. Key assay requirements have been outlined and you will take on a project from conception (idea) to proof-of-concept.

The project will consist of:

  • Introduction and familiarisation with the éclateral science team
  • Training on current 1st generation éclateral technology along with health and safety training
  • Establishment of 2nd generation assay requirements, testing method and acceptance criteria
  • Testing of assay architectures of choice, and identification of highly performing chemistry combination
  • Reporting achievements to senior management team

What separates this project from others is the potential impact your work can have. We plan to implement the 2nd generation assay technology in two areas; a) home-based CRP testing for newborns for identification of early infection and b) infectious disease monitoring to provide real time surveillance data to public health bodies via capturing rapid test results on a population level.

Person specification
We are looking for individuals with scientific mindset who are interested in using science to further product development for improved health monitoring. Your background would ideally be in development of biosensors or electrochemical sensors, but we welcome anyone with interest in biosensing, with background ranging from biology, biochemistry, chemistry, electrochemistry and electronics.
Financial contribution/benefit(s)
Financial contribution can be discussed based on the student’s situation. éclateral can cover laboratory expenses during the placement.