Then Try This – Research and Development Placement – Ongoing


Name Then Try This
Placement base location Penryn, Cornwall
Contact for enquiries Dr Amber Griffiths
Contact details Email:
Placement job title Research and development placement
Potential start date Flexible
Potential working pattern All flexible – the studio is open Mon-Thurs, and it is wheelchair accessible.
Details of application method CV and an email saying why you’re interested. Also a quick chat to make sure we’re aligned well in what we both want out of the placement.
Application closing date Ongoing
Overview of PIPS organisation
We’re a small non-profit organisation based in Penryn in Cornwall. We mostly work on environmental and social projects. We do a wide range of projects, including software, hardware, workshop and event design, teaching, and arts residencies. We make everything open source so more people can benefit from the work we do.
Placement offered

We are looking for someone to help develop our air pollution sensors so that they are easier for communities to use:

The sensors are working well technically, but they are difficult for people to use if they don’t have much technical knowledge. The project could involve re-developing the housing to make it easier to change the battery and get the data off them (so a bit of product design work), doing some great documentation on how to build them, and/or software to make it easier for people to interpret their data.

We have a new collaboration with a clean air community group in Manchester who are very keen to help and to use the sensors, so it could involve working remotely with them.

Person specification
We’re open to people with any background. Note that we often have 2 dogs in the studio, so you’d need to be comfortable with that!
Financial contribution/benefit(s)
We will cover necessary materials and equipment costs for the project. Ideally you’ll need your own laptop though (if this is a stumbling block, just let us know).